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  1. mima27 says:

    Have a look at:
    And see what you think…
    Features of a good quality student blog
    1. Good structure and layout, with appealing design and theme
    2. Regularly uploaded and updated posts (should be at least once a week), showing intellectual quality.
    3. Evidence of proof reading for accuracy, reliability and completeness.
    4. Appropriate language, bearing in mind digital citizenship status.
    5. Posts of varying lengths with interestingly written content and work that reflects the best of your ability.
    6. A range of topics for the posts – could include curricular and non-curricular activities. Use of essential and interesting sidebar widgets eg categories, search option, blogroll, links.
    7. Presence of hyperlinks to give a richer depth allowing for further research, showing a degree of expertise on the topic
    8. A header with appropriate titles and images that relect something about
    9. Links to frequently used resources, class blog and lecture blogs.
    10. Evidence of reflections
    11. Evidence of comments and conversations
    12. Blogroll of fellow bloggers – either in-house or global
    13. Frequent use of images and photos (preferably self taken),
    14. Addition of a number of pages, including ‘about me’, extra curricula activity involvement, my digital stories, photography, global projects etc.
    15. Variety of multi media and appropriate acknowledgement of any copyright or creative commons materials used.
    16. Full development of the blog as a digital portfolio.

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