Research 1990s

90’s style and fashion was heavily influenced by TV, Hollywood and the music industry.

Influences from the World of Music

Hip-hop music was a dominant influence on the clothing and accessories of teenagers and young adults, most notably the backwards baseball cap and baggie pants. The track suit, popularized by groups like Run DMC in the ’80s continued to be prevalent in early ’90s fashion – but as the middle of the decade approached, more black-hooded sweatshirts referred to as “hoodies” somewhat replaced the track suit. Sports jerseys also popularized and were worn by most rap artists.

Possibly the most hated fashion statement by those outside of the MTV generation is the concept of letting your pants sit well off the waist, exposing underwear for all to see. This fad, referred to as “sagging” continues to this day; however, it is not as popular.

Michael Jordan’s “Air Jordan” sneakers were a large commodity with young men and the shoe’s longevity produced numerous styles.

On the other side of the music spectrum, grunge became popular and although the mentality of the music was against the idea of fads, it still greatly influenced fashion. Denim, often frayed and ripped, along with flannel, plaid and thermal was a usual look in the grunge genre. Stone wash jeans replaced acid wash in denim style. Doc Martin boots were the “Air Jordan” of grunge, along with high-top Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

Celebrity Influences

People see a favorite star with a certain hairstyle and before you know it, hairdressers are bombarded by photos of the desired style. Most notably was the “Rachel” hairdo, based on the character from the hit sitcom “Friends.” This was a must-have for women as the middle of the decade approached.

While “Friends” was influencing young adults, another sitcom targeted the adolescence of America. The main characters of “Saved by the Bell” depicted six stereotypical renditions of high school teenagers.

The series placed them together as friends from different cliques, each with his or her own style. For many teenagers whose wardrobes were not influenced by MTV, this show had a major effect on fashion trends of the early 1990s.

Denim Overalls

Flannel Shirt

Hammer Pants

High Waister Jeans

Fanny Packs

Ditsy Floral Dress

Baggy Clothes

Neon Colours


Starter Jacket

Plaid – Clueless look

The Brands

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