Final Mapping

Here is the process of making my final for the Mapping project.

Below is a map from Google of the journey I take to Uni.
It starts from Barking,Essex to Eltham.
I am now going to start experimenting with different ways and techniques of my journey from Barking to Uni. I am going to show various ways of mapping such as drawing out a map from the inspiration I got from the previous maps I have looked at.
Below are some rough sketches of my development…
This is my first design, I’ve drawn out a rough shape of the boroughs and used different sizes of crosses to show where the Urban/Street people are. I’ve also drawn out the river Thames to show the different sides of London.
This is my second design. Here I’ve drawn out a rough sketch of my journey to Uni by train. I used Purple circles to indicate where the people are.
This is my final development that I will be using for my final map.

Final Map Design
This is my map with the screenshot behind.


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