Carre D’artistes

This is another small gallery I happen to come across on the way to the National Gallery. Like the first gallery, this is also a shop.

I really like this gallery as the front windows really attract people to come in. The piece that says ‘We ❤ ART’ is absolutely beautiful and I feel like it relates to me because I do love art. Inside has many different contemporary works of many different artists, from graphic designers and fine artists. The lady who works in the gallery I thought was very friendly and helpful. She talked about some of the works and what the artists specializes in. She told us to search up the artists for more information and up for up coming exhibitions in the near future.

Below I’ve posted pictures from the gallery and my thoughts about them….

This is my favorite work called ‘Scadta’ by Cedric Bouteiller. This is a digital ‘collage’  print of New York. He used photography and graphics to produce his work. He produced his work to show the his journey to discover the world. He has made collage of New York, Shanghai and Paris.

This is my favourite because I love how he has captured New York and what it has to offer in a big print. I like the small details hes added such as famous logos from musicals to electrical companies.  I like how he has torned up images and placed in random places. Overall, this piece of work has really inspired me.

This work is by Paul Raynal, unfortunately I don’t exactly know what this piece is called. Paul Raynal produced many collages using iconic people such as Marilyn Monroe. His collages are very colourful, which I feel looks retro and gives a sense of fun in his work.  These kind of work attract me and I find his work really inspiring and interesting.

2 thoughts on “Carre D’artistes

  1. Niall says:

    Hi Jehan,

    We’re thrilled you took the time to blog about visiting our gallery and thanks for dropping in and visiting us. Feel free to pop in again any time and let us know how we’re doing!

    We bring in a new artist about every two weeks so you’ll find we always have something new to see and experience.

    All the best,


  2. raynal says:

    i’m the artiste you can follow me on facebook

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