Tate Modern

On the day of the boat trip, I took the opportunity to go to Tate Modern. I’ve visited this gallery many times, and its never failed me. There’s always something new to see and learn.

This gallery is very modern and spacious. It contains contemporary and modern art, from photography, paintings and sculptures. Each floors displays the different types of art movements such as Surrealism, Pop Art, Expressionism, Fauvism and Abstract Impressionism.

I will be annotating some of the works I found interesting below…


This is an abstract work by Ellsworth Kelly called ‘Mediterannee’ , it is an oil painting on canvas. It displays colourful block of colours. It shows black and white, different shades of blue, yellow and red. But, what really caught my eye was some where lifted of the canvas; like 3D which I found really interesting. Another thing that I found interesting and also puzzling was the use of 1 block of yellow and 1 block of red.


This is a massive piece by Jannis Kounellis – ‘Untitled’. This artist is a Greek artist who used found objects in his work such as animals, fire, earth and gold. This piece really caught my eye clearly because he has used 2 birds killed by an arrow.  I like how the drawings were so simple, just using black lines to do a simple stick house. He’s done this very simple background for the birds to stand out, which was very clever.

This is a contemporary sculpture by Anish Kapoor called ‘Ishi’s Light’. This work is a large sculpture, which is made out of fiberglass, resin and lacquer. The egg-like sculpture is white on the outside and black on the inside. Anish Kapoor’s work has really caught my eye because this sculpture reminds me of a very large open egg, which is very odd but also amusing to look at. I enjoy looking at this work because if you look in the dark interior, you will see yourself in-between the lights. I believe that has given this work a fun element also a sense of mystery.

Jean Dubuffet The Busy Life 1953

This painting by Jean Dubuffet is called ‘Busy Life’ which belongs to a series that the painter called ‘Beaten Pastes’ because the main paint layer resembled butter, into which he scratched the graffiti-like figures. Jean Dubuffet used a lot of white on this painting, but also used colours randomly. The artist used a tool to scratch figures on the painting. I think this painting really suited the name because there is a lot going on, it portrays a person’s ‘Busy Life’. This really attracts me becuase it makes mee want to just look at every bit of detail in this painting.

This is a work by Jackson Pollock called ‘Number 14’. Jackson Pollock is a major figure in the abstract expressionism movement. He used techniques such as random brush strokes, pouring and dripping paint on to canvas laid out on the floor. The painting is achromatic; he only used black and white. I like Jackson Pollock’s work as it is so random and it really shows a lot of emotions by how he used materials to create his works. Because of the use of dark colours it gave a sense of mystery and stimulating.

Arnulf Rainer Wine Crucifix 1957/78

Arnuf Rainer calls this painting ‘Wine-Crucifix’. This painting was originally painted as an altarpiece for the Student Chapel of the Catholic University in Austria. They hung it across a window without a frame, letting sunlight shine through the cloth revealing the shape of the cross. The only colour used is read and the rest is black and white. In my point of view these colours normally together looks threatening. The red represents the blood of Christ and the black is the silhouette of the cross and Christ. This painting didn’t really appeal to me because I found it scary and disturbing to look at.

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